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CONSTITUTIONAL FREE SPEECH DEFINED AND DEFENDED IN AN UNFINISHED ARGUMENT IN A CASE OF BLASPHEMY, by Theodore Schroeder, of the N. Y. Bar. This book was made possible by THE FREE SPEECH LEAGUE. The extent of our right to say, and publish, facts and thoughts has always been under attack, and almost always by ignorant people who cannot imagine that anyone could honestly disagree with their beliefs and conclusions. So let us dedicate this electronic reproduction to those simple folk who think they know it ALL. In the "EXPLANATORY INTRODUCTION" We find this: "BY some the character of the following argument may be considered uncommon. The unusual content is due to two circumstances. The first of these is the belief that our courts are too strongly predisposed to follow the letter of precedent, even thugh none of these precedents came into being under modern conditions. ‘This fact created a very strong necessity and urge toward impairing the influence of such authorities as could serve to justify a desire to uphold blasphemy statutes. The second source of novelty is in the viewpoints, which are predominantly historical and psychological. As to these latter something in further explanation will be helpful. There never has been a case involving freedom of speech in which the historical interpretation of our constitutional guarantees has received serious consideration. I desired to make such a presentation, and the task became enormous. The historic issues of free speech upon the subject of religion, present the controversy which finally resulted in our constitutional guarantees. These issues were made in England by means of long-forgotten sermons, only a small part of which are preserved in rare and obscure books and pamphlets. Even these inadequate records are not accessible except to a very few American readers, and then only by great effort." So we have not only an argument for Free Speech, but a very good argument for the careful preservation of old books, sermons, records, and all written or published information that has been, or might have been, important to the progress of humanity.
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  • Author: Schroeder, Theodore

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