The Life and Writings of Thomas Paine Vol. 7 of 10 Vol.

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The Life and Writings of Thomas Paine Vol. 7 of 10 Vols. No person has done more to bring Western Civilization into the modern world than Thomas Paine; his pamphlet Common Sense inspired the American Colonies to separate themselves from English rule; his Crises pamphlets made victory during the Revolutionary War possible; his Rights of Man set the foundation for individual liberty, and the idea that governments rule at the pleasure of the public; his Age of Reason destroyed the power of Priest Craft over the mind of man. So it is no wonder that this great man has been robbed of his rightful place in History; being the friend of the rights of the individual, he was regarded as the enemy by governments and religions. The more one reads the writings of Thomas Paine, the more one is amazed at the scope of his mind and the power of his writings. Thank you Thomas Paine for the world we live in.
Emmett F. Fields

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  • Author: Paine, Thomas

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