Historical Letters On The First Chapter Of Mass Government

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HISTORICAL LETTERS ON THE FIRST CHARTER Massachusetts Government, by ABEL CUSHING. This book published in 1839 tells us in the Preface: "Few men are ignorant that our ancestors sought this country for protection of the rights of conscience and religious tranquillity; and it is equally notorious, that when established here in power, they strangely violated in others those rights and that peace they once so highly prized. The record of this inconsistency has stood for ages in our history, and has been used as evidence to discredit our modes of government." And: "History had long shown that no sovereignty, christian or pagan, could ever establish religion by law without persecution; yet our sovereign ancestors attempted it, and were guilty of persecution as these letters will show. It cost them more than a century’s teaching, and much blood and treasure, to learn, that, to every individual, belongs the cultare (sic) of his own religion; and that the office of government is to protect him merely in that labor." It is not the government but superstitions - religions - that cannot live in peace with others. And even when but one sect exists in an area, they will soon divide and war among themselves. This collection of letters will give examples of this fact.
Emmett F. Fields

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  • Author: Cushing, Abel

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